Hot-Dip Galvanizing Furnace


Hot-dip galvanizing furnaces operating at a temperature of 450 ˚C are processes in which zinc is melted in a special pot and dipped into metals. The surrounding of pot is heated homogeneously to warm the pot. The zinc in the hot pot is ready for use by melting. Liquid or gaseous fuels are used. The insulation is designed so that it will resist the energized heat and will not escape the heat energy. The refractory qualities that we will use when doing the heat treatment are as above.


Ateş Refractory

Ates Refractory company, also known from the Ateş(which means Fire in Turkish) name, compares refractories with fire heat energy without damaging the two sides to make it more productive. Our company will offer the most suitable prices by supplying the materials to our customers; in place, on time and the best quality.

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