Rolling Furnace


Rolling furnaces are working at temperatures between 1200˚C and 1300˚C. The billet is used to roll the sheet. Such furnaces are generally push-type furnaces. When the refractor selections are made, the choice is made considering the resistance to temperature, the resistance to friction, the resistance to gas corrosion. Because of the energy costs in the current technologies are considered as a primary concern, insulation design is made according to the working temperature of the furnaces. Oxygen and internal pressure control must be done during the operation of the furnace. It is a very serious consequence of the uncontrolled oxygen ingestion of the metals in the hot environment. Due to the high production capacity of the daily production capacities of the producer companies, it causes serious damages. furnace and refractory life affect the direct costs of the firms. The correct project, correct refractor selection, correct isolation design and refractory assembly will enable companies to make a profitable production.

Ateş Refractory

Ates Refractory company, also known from the Ateş(which means Fire in Turkish) name, compares refractories with fire heat energy without damaging the two sides to make it more productive. Our company will offer the most suitable prices by supplying the materials to our customers; in place, on time and the best quality.

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