Aluminum Melting Furnace


Aluminum smelting furnaces are operating at 650 ° C. They are furnaces which should not be called by the heat of the medium. Burner temperatures are 1200 ° C. Furnaces are located in mining region. The aluminum chemical has high chemical and physical effects on the refractory. It is important to select the smelting refractories when making the selection. insulation details are important in terms of loss. Due to the fact that there are moving ovens, the refractory installation details are a matter of concern.

Ateş Refractory

Ates Refractory company, also known from the Ateş(which means Fire in Turkish) name, compares refractories with fire heat energy without damaging the two sides to make it more productive. Our company will offer the most suitable prices by supplying the materials to our customers; in place, on time and the best quality.

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