Industrial Drying Systems


As Ateş Refrakter (Fire Refractory) we have gained the trust of our customers by carrying out successful businesses in project, product selection, supply and application in the associations since 2011. We will continue to serve our valued customers in technical support issues such as project, product procurement, heat insulation calculations, refractory installation (including all over Turkey and abroad). It is an honor to serve you with a much wider range of products with your support.



Ateş Refractory area of utilizations of Drying Systems;

  • Prina
  • Fertilizer
  • Corn
  • Pearlite Fruit Pulp
  • Wood
  • Slaughterhouse Waste
  • Airport Waste
  • Industrial Waste
  • Wastewater Sewage Sludge

Our Rotary dryer, known as stock and heat furnace, is produced from 300 thousand kcal to 12 million kcal capacity. Our oven has been furnished with specially designed refractory materials to provide maximum combustion capacity.

The structure of the dryer furnace was strengthened with control devices and other technological safety precautions were taken to keep the temperature under control. The furnace can reach the minimum temperature of 500 ° C and the maximum temperature of 1350 ° C and can be controlled on the intermediate temperatures automatically with the dosing system. Stocker in the furnace; It is suitable for burning various raw materials such as sawdust, prina, coal, fertilizer and it has the capacity of burning large diameter and fuselage fuels, which cannot be carried out by the external helix.

The heat furnace, which can produce an average heat of 800 ° C up to 800,000 m3, sends air, which has reached high temperatures, to the dosing chamber.




The system has consisted of the following sections;







Feeding bunker, manufactured from ST42 type of sheet metal, can be manufactured to the desired capacity according to the size of the system. It can be installed under or above ground level according to the settlement plan. The bunker is the first point of reception of the raw material and the raw material is filled with the bucket.



Heat furnace is consisting of; loading lid, ash discharge lid, stocker and explosion lid. The combustion cell is covered with heat-resistant refractor, covered with steel plate on the steel frame. The heat generated in the combustion chamber is prevented by the special insulation material so that the heat losses are reduced to minimum. The ash discharge lid in this section is used to evacuate ashes that formed at the end of combustion. Sudden gas volume build up in the device, for any reason, is eliminated by means of the explosion cover.


The structure of our furnace was strengthened with control devices and other technological safety precautions that are taken to keep the temperature under control. Heat Furnace can reach the minimum temperature of 500 ° C and the maximum temperature of 1350 ° C and the intermediate temperatures can be controlled automatically with the dosing system. Stocker in our furnace; It is suitable for burning various raw materials such as sawdust, prina, coal, fertilizer and it has the capacity of burning by throwing large diameter and fuselage fuels which cannot be carried out by the external helix.


Our Heat Furnace, which can produce an average of 800 ° C up to 800,000 m3, sends air to the dosing chamber which has reached high temperatures.




Our dosing department is also made from 6341 quality caulking sheet and is covered with refractory material and thermal insulated fire bricks. We use and recommend the dosing section in all our drying systems. The dosage controls the temperature between 400-600 ° C in order to prevent the burning of the wood, prina, sludge or grain products which must be dried by mixing the maximum temperature of 1300 ° C, which is taken from the firewood, with the cold air. It has great importance in this respect.


In addition, the input from the raw material we want to dry in the dosing section is integrated into rotary or flash dryer systems.




Our Rotary dryer is manufactured from 6341 grade steel sheet and it has single pass, two pass and three pass. The dryer has two rotary rings at two heads and rotary type at 300 revolutions per hour at speeds up to 50,000 kg / h. Dryers that are manufactured in our factory up to 4 meters diameter to 20 meters allowed by the authorities and dryers over the size of 4 meters diameter and 20 meters which are not allowed by the authorities can be manufactured at the installation site or can be manufactured in our factory as uninstalled and installed at the site.


We can run the dryer from 6 meters to 50 meters by only ringing two starts. Since our rotary dryer bodies are made of 6341 bins, shows high resistance to heat and prevents sagging. However, the inner and outer body connections of the steel construction are designed like a solar gear system, and the diameter and height have a load carrying capacity up to 60 times its own weight. The technical staffs of our company have removed the necessity of using rings 1, 2 and 3 which have done long studies about the subject.


Rotary Drying System

Power                                     : 180kwA
Energy                                    : 12 million Cal
Prina Ecologic                        : 25 ton / hour
Prina 3 Phase                         : 40 ton / hour
Wood                                      : 50 Ton / hour
Grain                                      : 50 Ton / hour
Beer Yeast                              : 35 Ton / hour
Sugar Beet Pulp                      : 35 Ton / hour



Our rotary dryer uses 1, 2, 3 or as needed cyclone. However, we recommend using at least 2 cyclones. The first cyclone is in the same pellet as well as capturing the volatiles in the volatile matter resulting from the pollination of the raw material and regenerating the production. So he works environmentally sensitive without polluting the air. The other cyclone protects the environment by leaving the water vapor separating from the raw material to the atmosphere through the high-pressure fan as a clean water vapor at 160 ° C.




Single-suction belt pulley with radial ventilator, motorized, ball bearing, bearing damage at high temperature special spindle cooled to prevent particles from forming in the fan to cleanable cap and steel. Flue gas fan is designed and manufactured to work at high temperature.


2.5. FLUE


The harmless gases to the surrounding area, which have passed through the dry and liquid filters, are not harmful the outside by providing emission values ​​of the flue gas.




The operation and control of all parts of the system is governed by the PLC system. The system informs about the breakdowns and malfunctions.









  • The Volume of the waste is reduced by %98. Ash, which is only the %3-7 of the volume and consist of inflammable and non-hazardous waste, remains
  • All microscopic creatures (Hepatitis B, HIV, etc.) are completely destroyed.
  • Easy to use and safe.
  • Produce energy from the heat generated from the combustion.
  • Economic and long life.
  • Burning yield is 99.99%.
  • It does not need very large area. Hazardous wastes are destroyed before they go out.
  • There is no replacement part and service problem.
  • The system is fully controlled by the PLC and all information is displayed on the screen. In this way, the operator’s personnel errors have been removed.
  • Wet and harmful gases are trapped by wet and dry filter.


Ateş Refractory

Ates Refractory company, also known from the Ateş(which means Fire in Turkish) name, compares refractories with fire heat energy without damaging the two sides to make it more productive. Our company will offer the most suitable prices by supplying the materials to our customers; in place, on time and the best quality.

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